Goal Setting: Living Life With Courage

Goal Setting

At VATHYS we live a life where dreams become goals and goals become actions.  To truly live the VATHYS courage lifestyle, it starts with goal setting. 

Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to the results. James Clear – Atomic Habits

What do you want to achieve this year?

Why Set Goals?

Goal setting is part of our life. We set goals for our careers, when we get married, have kids, buy our first house. We set goals for achieving personal health and fitness milestones.  We set goals to drink eight 16 ounce cups of water daily. Some of us set goals to run our first marathon.  Whatever the intent is, we goal set.

Setting goals is the first step to taking action on our dreams.  For some of us our why is the major driver of our goal-setting efforts.  For others, it’s a lifestyle of self-discipline.  For each person setting goals is a very personal endeavor.  However, most people that set goals don’t achieve them.  That’s why we truly believe it takes courage to achieve goals.

Why Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals

1. They are not committed – It takes commitment and grit to fulfill your intentions.  Sure you mean well when you say I’m losing the last 10lbs this year, but are you truly committed. 

2. They get distracted – Most people get distracted with daily stressors because they fail to break down goals into small daily habits.  These small habits can help keep you on track and from getting distracted.

3. Their goals are not aligned with their purpose – Sometimes we set goals because others are doing it too. We go along for the ride only to fall short because their goals are not aligned with our passions and purpose.

4. Lack of focus – When goals are not aligned with our purpose, we are not committed and we don’t set up habits to enforce our goals we will lack focus.

5. They don’t know how to handle failure – Finally, people don’t achieve goals because they don’t know how to handle failure.  Choosing to give up is often easier than choosing to face difficulties.  

How To Set Goals.

We can get scientific and strategic in our approach to how to set goals. Here are four tips for goal setting.

1. Set Goals That Motivate You 

It’s so important to set goals that motivate you. Think about what you want to be doing in five years.  Think about the person you want to be in five years. Also, think of the life you want to live five years from now. 

2. Set SMART Goals

You can’t simply say I want and expect your goal to happen.  Goal setting starts with what you want to achieve and ends with the specific actions that lead you to completion. Start by using the SMART technique to set up your goals.  SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound.  The SMART technique helps you break down every goal into a plan of action. 

3. Set Goals Aligned With Your Current Lifestyle

Keep in mind that some goals no matter how far fetched they need to be aligned with your current lifestyle. Take a thorough look at your lifestyle and ask yourself does this goal fit into your lifestyle.  If not? What are the steps I need to take to live out a goal-focused lifestyle?

4. Set Goals That Match The Image Of Your Future Self 

What does your future self look like? Take a moment to visualize what your future self looks like and write that down. Then set goals that align with that vision of your future self.

Courage To Live Out Your Goals

According to Tony Robbins, it’s not that people are lazy, it’s just that their goals are impotent. People simply set goals for things that don’t inspire them. So have the courage to have goals that shake you up, inspire you, and force you out of your comfort zone. Courage is absolutely necessary when setting goals. The main reason people fail to reach goals is that they can’t handle failure. That’s why it is best to see failures as just feedback.  All while having the courage to overcome fear, specifically the fear of failure. If you truly want to achieve your goals you’ll need to reframe how you see, feel, and react to fear.  Treat fear as a stretching.  Much like the pain, you experience when working out.  Treat fear as pain similar to delayed onset muscle soreness.  Fear is just you getting stronger. Fear is just growing pains. 

How We Took Stepped Out In Courage To Take Action

Goals can be intimidating. Sometimes we’re afraid to challenge ourselves and step outside of our comfort zones. If we set a goal that is easy to reach, do we really feel satisfied or attain the expected result when we get there? We would like to offer a little inspiration, from the perspective of regular people who decided to set a goal inspired by a dream. An idea extremely outside of our comfort zone, but one that somewhere inside we knew we could achieve if we had the courage to step out there.

Finding that courage was the first step.  Next was a process of setting aggressive yet manageable goals, lofty yet attainable goals. We know that with focus and determination we can achieve them, but it will not be easy. It shouldn’t be. Nothing great ever comes without risk or sacrifice, we try our best every day to get one step closer to these achievements. Each step brings confidence and ambition, but most importantly… motivation.  We hope we can inspire others to believe in themselves, realize their potential, and be successful in achieving all their own goals.

Welcome To VATHYS. An athleisure wear brand for those who courageously set goals and take action. We hope that you come along for our journey and together we reach our goals!

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Goal Setting: Living Life With Courage

At VATHYS we live a life where dreams become goals and goals become actions. To truly live the VATHYS courage lifestyle, it starts with goal setting.

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